Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Blogging for ASIST-- Charlotte, 2005

New Blogging Adventure-- Joining the Bloggers to Support the ASIST Annual Meeting--2005--Charlotte, NC-- http://www.asis.org Having my own blog is so handy at a time like this---an invitation to do more blogging. But this year is very special. There are so many people in ASIST now working on my favorites--information ethics and ethics and technology issues. I'll see a lot of these people and many good friends in Charlotte. We'll be able to talk about our
new group blog GlobalInformationEthics (You can get there from here.) and all of our other projects. I'm so pleased that blogging is getting to be a popular way for people to interact at meetings. It's such a good way to get to know new people both before and after the meetings--such a good way for those who can not attend to see what happened and feel part of the action--such a different kind of record of how we work together. I see blogging and wiki networks as the greatest things for scholarly communication since the Internet. Who knows where this will lead.....but I want to be there.

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