Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I'm for the free flow of information, but what would anyone need to know about what's up my skirt or yours?

This morning on the news I heard about the legal struggles about what to do about snoopers who use their digital phones or small digital phones to take pictures of people's private moments--in the bathroom, dressing, and especially up women's skirts. Should there be laws against this? How do we balance the harm done by the pictures vs. the harm done
by any restriction on the free flow of information. Do we as the public in public places need to
be responsible for our own revealing clothing or actions? I put it out there for your consideration.

If the House Were Burning Down, What Would You Take with You?

What Would You Take?
Last Wednesday night all the power went out in our neighborhood. I found out later that a transformer had blown, but what if it had been a fire? I thought about what I would take. First the cat and then what? Amber--the cat--and I talked about it. He knew that he was to stay close to me in case we had to run. I'd put him in my small tote suitcase. It's soft, and easy to carry--the suitcase and the cat. But it (the suitcase) was in the living room since I was just home from a meeting. I had my flashlight, so I was all set. I never could decide what to take with me, but it did make me think both then and since then.