Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Ethical Professor-- Advising--New Section of the InfoEthicist

Welcome to the Ethical Professor-- Advising--New Section of the InfoEthicist
Ethical Professor--Advising
Ethical Professor--Advising--Disclaimers and Disclosures
As a part of the InfoEthicist, I'm going to explore the ethical dimensions of being a faculty member. I will invite my current students, advisees, and others to read and comment on the various topics I will be presenting. If you think of a topic you would like to present here, please consider a guest posting. Or start your own blog and I'll put in a link here. So shall we begin?
Advising--Disclaimers and Disclosures
I am currently on the faculty of a university. Let's call it Dragon U--DU for short. I'm not so concerned with any of you knowing where I am, but I would prefer that my blog not be easily visible on the web. We'll see how that works. In any case, whatever I write here is my own. I don't represent DU, only myself. I will not be discussing any official policies or other matters that require official decision-making. I'm not in charge of making those kinds of decisions anyway, so we should be ok. What I do want to do is to raise issues and provide whatever helpful suggestions I have on higher education, graduate education, professional education in Information, more specifically in Library and Information Science. My ideas have been shaped by my own personal history. I've only been working at DragonU for three years, just starting year four. I've been in higher educaton in one way or another for over thirty years. I've been a student in higher education for almost my whole life. I'm from the generation of women who went to college expecting to find husbands and a good life as a wife and mother. It worked for some, but for me I did get my first husband, a baby, and then a divorce and a real job to support myself and my baby. What a surprise. Even with two more husbands, I've continued to work one, two, or three jobs. I've gotten and needed more degrees. I've needed to move away from home and family to create my life. On another angle, I've taught and been an administrator in higher ed working with adult students since the early 1980's. Much of what you will read here comes from my experience and also from what I learned from Malcolm Knowles' writings and others who were early in articulating the difference in the ways we should educate adult learners in contrast to children and traditional age (18-21/22) people in higher ed. I love working with adults. So enough for this first post, more about me will come through in future posts. You can also learn more about me on the faculty website at DragonU. More details later.
Let me know that you are out there. Comments encouraged.


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