Monday, June 06, 2005

From SLA: So You Want to Read Some Science Fiction related to Information Ethics?

Today I want to engage us in thinking about science fiction as it enlarges our vision and imagination for thinking about ethical issues for problem solving and decision-making. I'm currently attending the SLA meeting in Toronto . Tonight there is a session on science fiction related to technology and libraries of the future. I've used science fiction as well as other fiction in my infoethics classes. I'll report here what I learn tonight. Feel free to post your favorites. I'll start a short list here.

Science Fiction (Short Stories, Novels, and Poetry):
Let me start with Octavia Butler's work and short stories by Isaac Asimov and some of Ray Bradbury including Fahrenheit 451. Right now I'm looking for good examples on nanotechnology.


Gael Grossman said...

Gravity Dreams by L.E. Modesitt, jr. deals with nanotechnology and ethics.

Gael Grossman said...
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