Saturday, April 30, 2005

Back to Blogging-- Doing What You Love!

So good to get back to the blog. Work and home this last month or so have both been very busy and filled with many distractions. I hear from so many friends that they feel like they are always rushing and putting off the things they love to do. My New Year's resolution this year was to have more fun, and I must admit that I have done pretty well. Now at least once a month I do something special. My fun has included the Philly Flower Show, a trip to the Philly Museum for an evening of jazz and wine with my daughter--to celebrate my birthday, and for May a trip to the Philly Museum for the Dali exhibit. In June, it will be a cruise to Bermuda. I've never done anything like that, but it's time. What I notice, even when I'm having fun and for sure while at work and certainly doing housework, is that I'm always thinking about information ethics and what would be good on the blog. I just love the blogging and miss it when I'm away. It does help to know that there are so many people involved in infoethics topics and lots of activity with new journals, many more conferences, and so much good scholarship being done. And these days it looks like soon I'll be teaching the infoethics class and doing some speaking so now I'm getting really focused. So I hope to be back here more often and also getting together with some others to launch the group blog-- GlobalInfoEthics. See you again here soon.