Sunday, May 01, 2005

Global Information Ethics--Announcing the Group Blog Take a look and consider contributing. Email me if you are interested. Marti Smith

The new group blog is up for your reading and/or participation. Become a part-time blogger and see how we can co-operate in the creating a record of our ongoing scholarship and reflections. I have high hopes for this group blog. Let me share:

  • Getting our message out to a wider audience
  • Encouraging interaction among scholars and practitioners in the interdisciplinary studies of ethics and technology, very broadly defined-- STS (science, technology, and society), computer ethics, cyberethics, Internet ethics, healthcare ethics and technology, bioinfoethics, Internet research ethics, information policy, social responsibility, philosophy of technology, philosophy of information, and new fields we haven't imagined yet
  • Creating an environment for big ideas, new ideas, wild ideas, humor, and fun
  • Taking advantage of the blog phenonemon in all its fadishness and long-term potential
  • Sharing our diversity of interests, topics, backgrounds, and languages-- Contributions in languages other than English are welcome.
  • Tracking the development of our ideas, influences, and theoretical perspectives
  • Creating an indexable record of our social networking and how social networking influences the growth of scholarship
  • Making the links and other resources available more widely on the web and for tagging of content
  • Experimenting with blogging, sharing the blogspace, and collaborative, co-operative learning.
  • Facilitating blogging by busy people
  • Providing a place for students to plug-in real time and encourage them to use blogging as a means of self-expression, self-publishing, resume-building, and professional development
  • Encouraging international co-operation for conferences, co-publishing, and friendship

In a very hectic world, let's see what we can do together.