Sunday, March 19, 2006

End of the Class: Info679: Information Ethics

Wonderful class this term. Take a look at some of the terrific projects. New to the blog? This term I've been teaching a course in Drexel University's graduate program in Library and Information Science. You'll find lots of our resources on this blog. Now that we're finishing the quarter, we have a lot to show. The major assignment for the course was a blog or website on a topic in the field of Information Ethics. Below you'll find the URL's from class members. A small group of volunteers prepared an entry on Information Ethics and posted it on Wikipedia. Take a look. Pardon the message list. Wanted to get it out asap. Sex, Lies, and Library Stacks Meet me on the ‘Net-Teens and e-comm…. “They” Are Watching You “Well, hello Dolly!!” Information Ethics and Literacy Privacy and Libraries The fork in the road-genetics & ethics Internet Research Ethics Information Literacy and the Digital Divide Bioethics Technology & Privacy Ethics in the information age Information ethics in Healthcare Copyright & Intellectual Property Infoethics for teachers and librarians Patriot Act Blog The ethics of electronic medical records Scholarly communication in information… Immigration processes and ethics and blogs Issues in Journalism, Media, and info… Teaching information ethics through fiction… Intellectual freedom and libraries Technology and information ethics for… Protecting elementary school students… Copyright and CopyLeft Global Digital Divide