Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Roots of Information Ethics: Terminology (Working Document)

The Roots of Information Ethics:  Terminology  (Working Document)

Please suggest early terminology that we don't want to lose.  If possible, note the source and the context.  In what context did the term, Internet Ethics, emerge?  When we it first used?  Where?  For example, I have found that a term like information ethics can be found in searching news and magazine databases used long before we would identify them in our scholarly journals.  Lots of good work here for doctoral students.  
Can we document the first uses of key terms-- computer ethics, information ethics, information technology ethics, Internet ethics, cyberethics-- in full text databases?
Going beyond:  Can we track the use of terminology by various scholarly groups?  For example, Floridi's use of the term information ethics is a turning point that I would explore in understanding the relationships between computer ethics and information ethics.  Earlier, the use of the term information ethics as a way to talk about the concerns of high-tech librarians.  Some of us who were active in the early years may remember key shifts that would not be evident to others.  Let's record these now.

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