Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Information Ethics Pioneers: Survey and Suggested Questions

Information Ethics Pioneers:
  Survey and Suggested Questions     
          (Please answer those that best apply to you.)
  • Describe the context of your interest in ethics and information and communications technologies broadly speaking no matter what the specifics.  Please give dates, people, books, articles, etc.???
  • Do you consider yourself a pioneer?  Describe.  Please brag, be expansive, and include influences. Do you have unpublished documentation of your involvement?  Course syllabi? Conference abstracts?  PowerPoints? 
  • If you do not consider yourself a pioneer, would you suggest others who are or should be considered pioneers?
  • What prompted your first interest in information ethics or related areas?  Be as specific as possible.  Include readings, conferences, colleagues, and dates.
  • If you became acquainted with information ethics as the result of work in another field, please explain. 
  • What was your first contribution to the field of information ethics and related fields?  Took a course? Taught a course?  Attended a conference?  Wrote a paper?
  • When you think of information ethics as a scholarly field, how would you describe the field? 
  • Among the people and papers that have influenced you, please list the top five or ten.
  • Is your research agenda related to information ethics or a related area?  If so, please explain.
  • What other questions or areas of inquiry would you suggest for us to explore?
  • Have you considered leaving your papers and other materials for future research?
  • Email to Marti Smith, email:  

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