Friday, August 11, 2006

Intellectual Freedom and Libraries: Text

ALA. Intellectual Freedom Manual. 6th edition. 2002. The 7th edition was just published, but we will use the 6th edition for the course and supplement with more recent material from the web and from electronic databases. You should be able to find the 6th ed. for a reasonable price. Also, check your local libraries for various editions of the manual. Remind your favorite librarians to order the 7th edition. We will read and discuss most of the materials in the 6th edition.

Intellectual Freedom Manual

Part 1: Intellectual Freedom and Libraries: An Overview

Part 2: The Library Bill of Rights

Part 3: The Freedom to Read

Part 4: Intellectual Freedom and the Law

Part 5: Before the Censor Comes: Essential Preparations

Part 6: Working for Intellectual Freedom

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