Friday, August 11, 2006

Banned Books Week: September, 2006

See the ALA site on Banned Books Week

For Intellectual Freedom and Libraries Course, Fall, 2006:
Banned Books Week Assignment:

1. Review the list of challenged books and find two to five that you have read. Explore the circumstances surrounding the challenges to these books and in light of those challenges reflect on your reading of the book. How would you explain to a censor why the books should be in a library collection? You may write up your assignment as a letter to the censor with copies to the library board or as a speech to a community group. Think about making your presentation professional yet personal. You may want to refer to standard library policies about challenging materials. The letter/speech should be from 2-4 pages and may include PowerPoint slides or other graphics. However, focus on the content not on the tools. Include a final page or two reflecting upon your learning and the role of the professional in defending the right to read. We will share these online.

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