Saturday, February 05, 2005

Vote for Your Favorite IE Issue and Tell Us Why

Vote here and feel free to add more:

Here are some choices:

Privacy: How Much Is Enough?

How do we balance having access to our medical records and privacy protections?

Shoud Human Gnome Information Be Public--accessible to all researchers?

Homeland Security vs. Civil Rights: Can We Have Both?

Balancing Intellectual Property Rights and Intellectual Freedom: Owners vs. Users--Can Everybody Win?

What about hate speech, pornography, and other seriously objectionable materials on the Internet?

Freedom to Read: Should Children's Reading Ever Be Censored? By Parents? By Librarians?

Would you buy the "Walter, the Farting Dog" books for Your Children or Grandchildren?

Should libraries filter the Internet? For Children? For Everybody?


Dr.H said...


Nice start! I will watch it grow. May I share with my info policy students? My favorite IE issue: How do we impede the progress of bigots in the media without violating their First Amendment rights? Is J.S. Mill's hope relevant today, namely, that good ideas will prevail over bad ideas in a open marketplace of ideas. -CH

Marti Smith said...

CH-- Yes, do share. Great question. I'll post my thoughts and invite you to do so as well.