Monday, January 31, 2005

Blogs as an information source--Thanks for the question.

A real question from a real reader:
What do you feel will be the long term effect of spamming comment sections on blogs and bogus blogs as linkfarms on the credibility of the Blog as an information source?

From the Information Ethicist: I'm fairly new to blogging so I'm not very familiar with blogs and spamming and bogus blogs. Tell me more. I do think that blogs are a great means for communication certain kinds of information. To me it fits into what is usually talked about as "the social life of information." We're just in the beginning stages for understanding how to use blogs, email, listservs, web pages, etc. in building communities with common interests, for fun, for political activity, and, I'm sure, lots more. My own personal reasons for starting this blog are my interests (1.) in finding other people interested in ethics and information and (2.) in having a place to express my thoughts on information ethics and related subjects. I've been working in this research area for almost fifteen years. Thanks again for writing. Tell me more about your interests in blogging and blogs as information sources.


Europundit said...

Well blogspamming and commentspamming consists of spammers creating scripts that spam Blogs such as this with comments that contain links to whatever they are shilling these days.
These links then act to boost the search engine rankings of the linked site since many search engines, including google, give more relevance to sites with many links pointing to them.
The other way is to create a blog on blogspot or a similar service expressly to post links to commercial sites.

All this has the effect of raising the signal to noise ratio of the "blogsphere" and reducing it's viability as a good mean to spread opinions and news.

Marti Smith said...

Thanks for the info. That's a good example of a serious social problem not easily addressed by a technology fix.