Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Initiative: Teaching Information Ethics for Life, Health, and Death

New Initiative:  Teaching Information Ethics for Life, Health, and Death--
The Overview

One of the fastest growing areas of practical and professional ethics centers around healthcare and medical issues.  In the last twenty years, as new information and communications technologies have penetrated the worlds of medical and scientific research and practice, information as a commodity and as a change-maker has brought new and complex ethics and policy questions to professionals, to individuals, and to the public.

New research centers, degree programs, and course offerings evidence the convergence of issues and methods from computer and information ethics with medical, healthcare, and bioethics.  If as some claim, biology is now an information science, then we need not be surprised at the rapid development of a new field that might be called bioinfoethics.  I used that time some time ago and still find it useful.  However, the term is not as important as is the concept.  Kenneth Goodman, for example, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  To be Continued.

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