Saturday, August 05, 2006

Intellectual Freedom: Syllabi, Resources, and Assignments

Intellectual Freedom: Syllabi, Resources, and Assignments
In the next few weeks I'll be posting materials for the fall course, Intellectual Freedom and Libraries, University of Wisconsin--Madison
If you are going to be taking the class, please send me an email at I've just taken a new job as the Dean of Library and Educational Services at Alvernia College in Reading, PA.
For Intellectual Freedom and Libraries: Some Beginnings
  • Required Readings: ALA. The Intellectual Freedom Manual, 6th edition. The 7th edition is just out, but it is very expensive. Most of the readings for the class will be from the Manual and from databases in the library and from websites.
  • Fiction and Movies: Sensitize yourselves to the issues with some of these novels, stories and films:
  • Fahrenheit 451, novel and film. This is one of the most important books and films on the subject of restricted access to information. Focused on book burning in an authoritarian society, the book and the film are slightly different.
  • The Handmaid's Tale: novel by Margaret Atwood and film. More chilling today than when the movie was made. This was filmed in North Carolina at Duke and at St. Mary's where I was the library director. Main character is a librarian. Very profound experience.
  • 1984: novel by George Orwell and film. Repression and censorship.
  • More to come.

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