Monday, December 05, 2005

Info679: Rafael Capurro--Information Technologies and Technologies of the Self

(Note that this posting is part of a course on Information Ethics for Dragon U. I will be editing it in the next few weeks. The course starts officially in January.)

Introduction to the Reading: Compare this article with Floridi's paper on the foundations of information ethics. Capurro's paper is an excellent example of the descriptive style of ethical reflection. It is informed by the traditions of philosophy represented by Habermas, Foucault, Ricoeur, and Ihde. Capurro is the scholar who work I identify with most. When I first got into the field, this is the article that made me want to work in the field. Over the years Capurro has become a good friend as well as a colleague. Take time to look at his web page.

Info679: Reading: Rafael Capurro, Information Technologies and Technologies of the Self

See Capurro's own webpage. Note that he has posted most of his published works.

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