Saturday, December 24, 2005

Info679: Essential Readings: The Biggies

Key Readings: If you read nothing else, read these:

Weeks 1-3 (This list is complete.)

Elrod and Smith. 2005. Information ethics. In The Encyclopeida of Science, Technology, and Ethics. See Hagerty Library's electronic reference.

Smith, M. 1992 Infoethics for leaders, in Library Trends, Winter, 1992. See if the text is online or look for it in your local library or order from ILL. (Your searching skills are very important in this class.)

Capurro, R. Information technologies and technologies of the self. This is the website for the International Center for Information Ethics

Moor, J. Just consequentialism and computing, in Spinello and Tavani (2nd ed.) Text for the course.

Floridi, L. and Sanders, J. W. The foundationalist debate in computer ethics, in Spinello and Tavani (2nd ed.) Text.

Weeks 4-6 (More for these weeks will be posted later.)

Winner, Do artifacts have politics? See text on Infoethicist blog. Note the date when this was written.

Smith, Global information justice. Library Trends. (See how many indexes lead you to the full text of the article. Also, see if which libraries in your local area have Library Trends or other periodicals in the field of library and information science.)

Weeks 6-10 (More will be added here.)

Lessig, L. The laws of cyberspace, in Spinello and Tavani (2nd ed.) Text.
Also see Lessig's presence on the web. Try Clusty ; also Kartoo ; try Google Scholar Look for Lessig in the literature of library and information science.


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

ALA: Code of Ethics and Intellectual Freedom Statement

ACM: Code of Ethics Also in Spinello and Tavani (2nd ed.)

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