Friday, December 30, 2005

Info679: Assignments: Electronic Pathfinders

Assignments: Electronic Pathfinders For the major assignment in this class, you may choose to prepare an electronic pathfinder on a topic in information ethics and related issues.

For some examples, look here:
From the Internet Public Library

Also, the Librarians' Index to the Internet

Look here also:

For more ideas, look in some of the usual places--
Search the article databases such as LibraryLit, LISA, and ERIC--

Check out some major academic library sites and invisible web sites such as the Library of Congress.

Try some unusual search engines: Kartoo Clusty For more see

Possible Topics Include (See more on the Bb site):
  • The Global Digital Divide
  • Healthcare Ethics and Information Technology
  • Ethical Practices in Internet Research
  • Philosophy of Information
  • Philosophy of Technology
  • Using Information in Homeland Security
  • Datamining in Public Health
  • Privacy and Health Records
  • Social Responsibility and the Information Industry
  • Intellectual Property Rights vs. the Public's Right to Information
  • Children's Rights to Information
  • The Ethics of Internet Regulation
  • Librarians and the USA Patriot Act
  • Copyright and CopyLeft
  • The Ethics of the Open Source Movement
  • Diversity in Librarianship
  • Monitoring in the Workplace: Ethical Perspectives on Personnel Policies
  • The Ethics of Service to Underserved Population
  • Preserving World Cultures
  • The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • UNESCO and Information Ethics
  • Issues in Information Ethics in Fiction
  • Issues in Information Ethics in Film

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