Friday, March 04, 2005

Time is Money or Is that Information?

Time is Money--Or Is That Information?
This week while I've been out working hard at my teaching/marketing job at Drexel and learning a lot about the information industry and also the impact of blogs on the industry--both pro and con, I haven't been writing my own blog. In one powerful presentation by the Information Today people, I learned that InfoToday (Medford,NJ) is cultivting blogging as a new form of serious publishing.
What does this development mean in the battle for intellectual property and mindshare? MINDSHARE was the theme of this years NFAIS annual meeting.
The stuggle for mindshare is also a struggle for direction in a new landscape of potential. None of us know what the shape of the society much less the information market will be in the future. We can be the shapers of this new world, so what values do we want to preserve? Discard? Introduce?
In a competitive environment, what about those who can not read? Who do not get enough to eat? Who have never seen a computer? What about the global digital divide? Literacy? Poverty? Healthcare?
How do we invest our money? Our energies? Our time?

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